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BRC Premium Barrels. Buttoned Rifled. All barrels are honed and lapped. BRC offers barrel basic in lengths up to 33 inches long for $149 plus shipping. All shipping is done at or near cost. The 33 inch barrel will finish at 32 inches. All BRC barrels will have the chamber marked with caliber. Due to plugging both ends of barrel basic for stress releiving in an oven, the ends of barrel are slightly deformed. The chamber takes care of one end and remaining up to 1/2 inch will take care of muzzel end.

At this time, BRC offers three O.D. sizes for it's barrel basic.  
1. 1.200-1.225 inches2. 1.300 inches3. 1.500 inches.
There is an extra charge for the 1.500 inches O.D. barrel basic

Barrel Basic

CalibersGroove dia.TwistSteel
22 RF.223"1-161144
22 Mag..224"1-141144
22 CF.224"1-14, 1-84140

Octagon to round barrel is $149 plus $200. Octagon not to exceed 12 inches. All BRC barrels are stress relieved before and after rifling. All BRC barrels are honed and lapped.

The contoured BRC barrel is $100 plus cost of barrel.

Octagon to Round.
Calibers offered: .17 through .45

Full octagon BRC barrels as pictured are offered in .30 calibur and under $275.00.
New calibers can be introduced from time to time. Place all order by phone (575) 535-2923. BRC does not do email or credit cards. BRC has always been a custom gun shop and we still want to work with shooters as best we can.

All prices subject to change due to changing costs of materials.