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Al Story of Borchardt Rifle Corp. is a full service gunsmith. Al is well known for his match quality barrel installation and chambering process. At Borchardt Rifle Corp. Al does all the installation and chambering himself, and no shortcuts are ever taken in the barreling process. Al has designed and built a button rifling machine that should produce match grade barrels for sale in the near future. A stress relieving oven for the barrels is already in place. BRC have over 120 chamber reamers on hand.

1. Barrels: Standard round barrel. Turn, thread, chamber, extractor, cut head space and test fire. All barreling starting at $400. Drilling and tapping holes and hot blueing of barrel, add $50.

2. Full octagon barrels, hand polish, ready for blueing add $260.

3. Half Octogon to round, hand polishing, ready for blueing, add $175.

4. Restoration of Rifles

5. Repair both Rifles and Pistols

6. Manufacture barrels

7. Hot blueing and Color Case harding

8. Heat treating

All prices subject to change due to changing costs of materials.