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1878 Bouchart Trigger Job
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Al Story in the machine shop
Al Story and Machinist Clay Collyge

BRC is well known for its 1878 Sharpos Borchardt Action and Custom Rifles as pictured below and the BRC Premium Barrel. BRC is owned and operated by Al Story. Al is a master machinest and gunsmith with over 45 years experience. All BRC products are produced in Al's 50 by 70 foot machine shop in Silver City, New Mexico under the name of Borchard Rifle Corp. Al started out on a small scale manufacturing barrels for BRC's custom rifles, but has since grown to a shop capable of filling large orders. Over the years Al has continually looked at ways to improve the BRC barrel. The end result is the BRC Premium Barrel. With both customer feedback and extensive testing, BRC is now offering a match quality barrel at a very competitive price.

Three custom 1878 Borchardts and one Winchester Hi Wall all with BRC Premium Barrels
Two Custom BRC MFG Sharps 1878 Borchardt Actions with octagon to round BRC Premium Barrels

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