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BRC Rifle Barrels
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Ruger replacement cylinders and parts
.17 calibur conversion barrel and
cylinder for Ruger Single Six Barrel Vise

1878 Bouchart Trigger Job
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Part #DescriptionPrice
1.Main Spring Retainer Cap Pin$3.00
2.Main Spring Retainer Caps$32.00
3.Firing Pin Sear$32.00
4.Main Spring$18.00
5.Sear Pin$3.00
6.Sear Plunger$5.50
7.Sear Plunger Spring$6.00
8.Cocking Pin$3.00
9.Firing Pin/Striker$38.00
10.Breech Block$365.00
13.Barrel (Not Shown)Call
14.Barrel Lug$10.50
15.Forearm Screw (each)$12.50
16.Lever Spring Screw$12.50
17.Scope Mounts (Not Shown)NA
18.Lever Spring$32.00
19.Lever Roller and Pin (set)$7.50
20.Lever Pin$18.00
21.Lower Link Screw$5.50
22.Upper Link Screw$5.50
24.Trigger Slide$15.00
26.Trigger Pin$3.00
29.Safety Plunger$5.50
30.Safety Plunger Spring$6.00
31.Stock Bolt$10.00
32.Safety Lever Pin$3.00
33.Safety Lever$15.00
34.L & R Cocking Plate Pins (each)$7.50
35.L & R Cocking Plate (set)$70.00
36.L & R Cocking Plate Screw (each)$5.00
37.Lever Pin Retaining Screw$5.00
38.Receiver Plug Screws (each)$12.50
39.Rear Sight Tang w/ screws$90.00

Borchardt Rifle Company
Parts List

Parts List
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