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Rifles used in Testing
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All testing of center fire barrels is done at 100 yards. All the rifles pictured except the panelled Borchard rifle were used in testing BRC Premium barrels. One of the characteristics of a quality buttoned rifle barrel is quickness to group. All the groups I posted were shot in my first teting. I am an experienced shooter, so I have a good idea what loads should work. All rifles pictured were built in the BRC shop which also helps.

Custom 98 Mouser used for testing BRC Premium Barrels

BRC Custom 1878 Borchardt Schuetzer rifle. Rifle is a three barrel set in 25-20 WCF, 32-40 and 40-65 win. This rifle was used in testing the 25-20 WCF and 40--65. This rifle is also pictured on Home page in the white engraved.
Four rifles out of BRC Shop. The top two rifles #58 and #59 are both the engraved action that is seen on our Home page in white. Both are three barrel sets. #59 has both Schuetzen and Sporter Stocks. The third rifle is a custom rifle in 40-65 that now resides in Switzerland. The 1885 Original Hi Wall action with close couple set triggers is also a three barrel set. This rifle has both Schuetzen and Sporter stocks. These four rifles all have BRC Premium barrels and are well suited for BPC, Schuetzen and hunting.
Story Striker 32-40. This rifle has both Sporter stock and Schuetzen. This is a 100% original action from the BRC Shop. The BRC Premium 28 inch octagon to round barrel sets this rifle off. The Story Stricker action has a lock time that will be hard to beat. The close couple set triggers are custom to this action.

It should be noted that I do not receive any monetary compensation for testing BRC barrels. All rifles used in testing are my personal rifles. I have been friends with Al for 30+ years and have complete connfidence in his ability to machine and produce a quality product.

All prices subject to change due to changing costs of materials.